Meet Howard

​​Leadership that will deliver results for our community

I have lived almost all my life in the Sacramento area, the last 46 years in North Sacramento. I have lived in the Antelope community since 1989. My youngest son attended Center District elementary, middle and high schools graduating in 1999. In 2005 I became involved with Center Joint Unified School District, volunteering for several committees over the years.

Participating in these efforts, I came to understand many of the issues and problems that affect the district, it’s students and their parents, teachers and staff. I believe I have a number of solutions that will ultimately help students to grow and work to become successful through fostering an environment that provides a safe and productive education.  By committing to basic ideals and advocating for common sense policies, I believe students will receive a high quality education from the Center Joint Unified School District.

I have a strong personal interest in ensuring public education continues to improve for the sake of the students that count on the best education that Center Joint Unified School District can provide. By becoming a governing board member I can help create policy and programs that will allow the district to not only partner with the community to ensure that the most preeminent outcome is afforded our students, but also to allow these outcomes to benefit the community at large. What better way is there to contribute to building the next generation of Californians that will follow those of us that came before them?

The why…

The question that is posed to me more often than not is “why”. Why do I wish to spend a large portion of my life for the next 4 years meeting, planning, engaging, analyzing and implementing the necessary work that allows for a school district to be successful? Why do I wish to engage the community for over a 10 week campaign to ask for their vote to do this work?

The answer to those questions comes down to the four points I present below:

  • I believe that all students in the district deserve a top equality education that prepares them for success in their future. Not all the children will have the ability, opportunity or desire to continue on to college once they complete high school, which is why I have been and will continue to be, an advocate of vocational education and training.
  • I believe schools are for teaching, nothing else.  There is no place for outside distractions from a basic core education. Unproven theories and inappropriate materials must not deflect from the basic education we are required to uphold.
  • As a former law enforcement officer, I believe the children, teachers, and staff must be safe and secure within their schools, not only just physically but emotionally as well.  Additionally, such safety and security must extend to the children’s travel to and from home.
  • I believe that parents and guardians not only have the right to be involved in their children’s classroom as partners with their teachers, but it is their duty.  I have and will continue to support parents fundamental rights to make final decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of their children.